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Welcome to Roosevelt Elementary

We’re glad you came to visit the home of the Roosevelt Tigers on the web. Roosevelt School’s web presence is a sign of our dedication to your child’s education. Communication among parents, teachers, staff, and students is an integral part of every student’s education, and this website is an important tool in this process. We hope you will visit it often so that you are always an “in-the-know” parent.

Here you’ll find important calendar events and news items. You’ll find out what great programs our school offers, and you can find the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us directly whenever you’d like.

Roosevelt School, home of over 350 Roosevelt Tigers, opened their doors in 1926, and the interior has been extensively remodeled. The Roosevelt attendance area is large, not only encompassing the area around the school, but extending the east side of Fourth Avenue and busing students in from Highway 95.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents and Students of “Fantastic” Roosevelt Elementary School,

We hope our website is helpful to you and answers any questions you may have. Our school is said to be a warm, caring place where boys and girls feel comfortable about learning. While we are concerned about giving children a strong foundation in the basics subjects, we still find the time for enrichment activities, such as the school musical programs, computer time, field  trips, and other activities, which  encourage special interests and talents. We encourage parents to become involved, and we always welcome parents to visit the school and classes.

Your Educational Partner,

Sofia Ramirez

Sofia Ramirez